Add a spa to your pool

There are two choices when it comes to adding a fibreglass spa to your pool, with the X-Trainer spa being the most popular choice.

Check out some stunning pool & spa combination projects that have been created with our fibreglass pools and spas and get ideas for your new home oasis.

Massage, hydrotherapy and relax

Stunning pool & spa combos

X-Trainer fibreglass spa 3D

Contemporary pool sizes & dimensions

Creating unique spa pools

What about having a swim before moving to the spa? Compass pools have a lot of customisation options which mean that you can have a swim and spa combo or your swimming pool can have a beach attached to it.

Get inspiration from our installations of Waders, Spas and pool and spa combos – some of them are truly breathtaking! The X-Trainer Spa is the number one preference of many pool owners. It has entry points at both ends, slip resistant floor and steps, and wide bench seats for relaxation.

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Tough and durable spa thanks to the patented ceramic core
Protects your pool against unexpected hydrostatic events
Option of having a pool & spa that clean themselves
Enhanced cosmetic protection and structural warranty

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