Complete hydrostatic protection

Protect your pool from damage caused by extreme storm events
Hydrostatic Protection on Fibreglass Pools

Introducing our exclusive HydroPro system

Compass Pools can now offer you even better protection with our exclusive hydrostatic warranty.

One of the potential risks of owning any swimming pool is the possibility of damage due to a hydrostatic event. Essentially, ‘hydrostatic damage’ can occur when the water level in the ground rises higher than the water level in your pool.

When this happens, your pool will naturally want to lift or float…a bit like a boat. As the ground water subsides again, and the pressure on your pool reduces, it can result in permanent bulges or cracks in the walls and floor.

Discover the HydroPro story

Hydrostatic protection

Hydrostatic damage could occur when the water level in the ground rises higher than the water level in your pool.

5 times greater rates

Reducing rising groundwater pressure at rates that are 5 times greater than industry standard valves used in fibreglass pools.

Patented HydroPro™ relief valve

The HydroPro™ relief valve is a standard inclusion in all Compass fibreglass pools manufactured from January 2016.

Protection from extreme weather events

With the increasing regularity of extreme weather events and unprecedented rainfall, we wanted to eliminate this risk for all Compass Pools customers. The key to stopping any damage from occurring is to be able to quickly release growing ground water pressure before it’s too late.

The Compass Research and Development team have spent the last three years testing and perfecting a patented hydrostatic valve that is so sensitive and has such high flow rates that we can now offer a unique hydrostatic damage warranty.

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New revolutionary pool projection system

Our new patented and exclusive hydrostatic valve system has been developed to dramatically reduce rising ground water pressure at rates that are 5 times greater than industry standard valves used in fibreglass pools.

In what we believe is a world first, we are now able to offer a lifetime warranty against damaged caused by hydrostatic pressure – which is nearly always excluded from home insurance policies and manufacturer’s warranties.

The HydroPro™ relief valve is a standard inclusion in all Compass fibreglass pools manufactured from January 2016. It forms an important part of the Compass triple warranty on swimming pools.

Components of our triple guarantee for all swimming pools

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