We are writing this letter to extend our sincere thanks for the work Mark Pollard did on installing our new Compass ceramic pool with Vantage In-floor Cleaning System in our new home. It has nearly been 12 months since we had it installed & we can happily advise it was the best thing we did & has certainly been a great addition to the family home. Throughout the whole building process of our new home we always knew we wanted to have a pool & we are so glad we went with Mark as his experience & advice was invaluable to us. As a family of 4 and with all the pressures of daily life taking its toll, Mark initially advised us of a new cleaning system that Compass had that we may want to look at to be incorporated with the pool prior to installation. To be honest we had never even thought of such a thing but we are so glad Mark gave us that idea as it has been one of the best things we had done. It has freed us up from the usual hassles of having a pool as it literally cleans itself without you even knowing.

Since the pool was installed it has been enjoyed by so many of our family and friends & everyone has commented on how clean and crystal clear it is. The Vantage In-floor Cleaning System also has another advantage which is not seen and that is it evenly distributes the chemicals in the pool as well as constantly circulating water so you alleviate having cold water spots in the pool. There is no better way to cool off than to go for a quick swim in our Compass Pool with Vantage In-floor Cleaning System & we can’t wait for summer to come along again. Purchasing the pool was our little reward for the family, and we have not regretted the decision once.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Mark Pollard or for that matter Compass Pools with Vantage In-floor Cleaning system to anyone.

Brett & Ange Connerty

Port Macquarie, NSW